bulletInstructions for Parents of Sedation Patients

Please be sure your child has nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to his appointment. This includes water. If your child takes medications on a daily basis, please give it to him with one swallow of water.

Be sure your child is healthy. If he has a cold, cough, flu, or fever, schedule the appointment after he is well.

Please be aware of any medical conditions your child has or any medications he takes. We need to know this information prior to treatment. If your child has a medical condition, we will request you bring a letter from his physician stating that he can tolerate the procedure.

bullet-lineProcedure for Sedation Treatment

Your child will be given some medication to drink that will make him drowsy after about 30-50 minutes. We will ask you to take him to the bathroom after he takes this mixture.

Next, he will be brought into the treatment room and the nitrous/oxygen mask will be placed on his nose. This is to help him relax further.

After discussing the treatment plan and signing the consent forms, you will be asked to step out so we can start the IV.

Please stay in the waiting room while we are treating your child. The average waiting time is 30-75 minutes. We will try to complete all treatment in one appointment. However, it is not always possible. Some children may need a second sedation appointment. Sometimes patients do not relax enough with these medications. In that case, we may refer you and your child to a hospital for general sedation.

Following the procedure, it is often common for children to awake crying. This does not mean that they are in pain; it is because they feel disoriented as a result of the sedation medication and local anesthetic.

You will be given home care instructions when you leave.

Please return to your referring dentist for routine care in six months.