bulletWhy Choose Division Dental Practitioners?

Our doctors provide safe and comprehensive treatment for your apprehensive or special needs child. We achieve this by maintaining specialized licensing and training for our doctors and staff, utilizing the latest technology, creating individual treatment plans for each patient and consulting with other medical practitioners when appropriate.

bullet-lineSpecialized Training

Our doctors have special permits allowing the use of IV sedative medications while treating patients. The doctors have undergone extensive training in order to earn these permits. Combined, our doctors have over 40 years of experience in sedation dentistry. Every year, our doctors must participate in specific continuing education courses to maintain those permits.

bullet-lineSpecialized Staff

Our staff has taken special courses in order to assist during dental sedation cases. Two specially trained assistants are present for the entirety of every case, as is the doctor. This was our office policy even before it became a state regulation.

bullet-lineTreating Special Needs Patients

Our doctors are experienced with all kinds of special needs patients that might be challenging in the dental environment. Medical, physical, mental and behavioral issues are commonly treated by our doctors. Including but not limited to: ADD/ADHD, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation.

bullet-lineIntegrated Treatment

Our doctors will consult with your child’s referring dentist and medical practitioner as appropriate to ensure safe and complete treatment is achieved in a timely manner.

bullet-lineIndividualized Treatment Plans

After the appropriate exam and x-rays, our doctors will discuss the treatment needed for your child, tooth by tooth. They will explain each procedure with as much detail as you require.

bullet-lineLatest in Technology

Our office uses digital radiology (x-rays) because it is more precise and allows for the most accurate diagnosis.